Purchase a Tee Shirt by helping us to build an 8-bed home and home school for teens and their children affected by abuse, neglect, abandonment, sex trafficking, and homelessness.

       The Yellow Triangle represents anti-sex trafficking.  Help us to spread the message globally!  Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.


January is Human and Sex Trafficking Awareness month.  Saving Grace Community Services is initiating the Yellow Triangle Campaign Against Sex Trafficking, which we hope this action will become a global awareness-raising initiative to fight sex trafficking. The campaign seeks to inspire action to help stop sex trafficking and its impact on society. 

            We encourage involvement from all hotels/motels, citizens, communities, clubs, corporations, companies, churches, clergy, Congress, council, commissioners, counsel, and cops by displaying the Yellow Triangle and becoming a member of the C.A.S.T., the global campaign against sex trafficking.

            Let’s connect!  Join the C.A.S.T. of the Yellow Triangle Campaign and become a member in your respective group(s) by simply posting the Yellow Triangle in your place of business or on the window or door of your home.


Citizens Against Sex Trafficking

Communities Against Sex Trafficking

Clubs Against Sex Trafficking

Corporations Against Sex Trafficking

Companies Against Sex Trafficking

Churches Against Sex Trafficking     

Clergy Against Sex Trafficking

Congress Against Sex Trafficking

Council Against Sex Trafficking

Commissioners Against Sex Trafficking

Counsel Against Sex Trafficking

Cops Against Sex Trafficking


Simply copy the Yellow Triangle and post it on your Social Media pages, affix it to your window or door, and your desk at the office to show your support against sex trafficking!

We are challenging the C.A.S.T. member marketplace and service providers to offer a 5% discount to its customers and clients by simply mentioning the word “C.A.S.T.” (Customers Against Sex Trafficking AND Clients Against Sex Trafficking) where the Yellow Triangle (anti-sex trafficking symbol) is displayed during the month of January.

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