The Little One

Picture This:


For a few weeks now our pride and joy has been known as Akil.  This little bundle of sunshine takes up most of our time and attention; teen mother is sleep deprived but very happy.
       Akil managed to enter the world on the exact date he was due. Of course, mother and child had to stay in hospital a few days longer, but it wasn't long until our young family was TOGETHER at Saving Grace Home for Teen Mothers and Their Children in a loving, comfortable, home environment.

Back at Saving Grace Home

Ethan gazed wide-eyed at his new four walls. WE knew in advance that it was a boy, so Ethan's room is decorated all in blue. We think his first impressions of the place were pretty positive – in any case, it was all so stressful that he was soon fast asleep in his bed. We took a deep breath – the first stage was over. Thank goodness that SAVING GRACE HOME will be there for the duration.

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